I have created a new author website.  It can be found at: 

I may end up posting some materials on that site from time to time as there is a page for the Visions book on it.  

I am back writing on the Visions book.  I have nearly 150,000, and I am still integrating and writing from research materials--mainly personal interviews I did over the last two years.  I continue to call people back to confirm dates and information.  A lot happened over the thirty-odd years of the Pearl District growth.  And it's still happening with the last blocks in the North Pearl filling out, teardowns in the South Pearl to put up taller buildings and the ongoing master planning effort for the post office site and related areas around Union Station and the west bridgehead of the Broadway Bridge.  

At this point I will cut off my narrative with whatever happens to the post office site in 2018.